All Hallows’ Eve – My first ever Halloween

Time flies past so quickly that suddenly it was the end of October and probably the most waited for celebration in the U.S. As soon as we arrived in Bloomington in mid-August, the grocery stores already had their pumpkins at the entrance of the store. Every week since then more and more Halloween merchandise was put on display and as it got nearer there were aisles after aisles Halloween candy, costumes and decorations. They even had a separate section for pets’ Halloween costumes.

I think Minnie would have looked cute in that little cheerleader outfit! Although, I somehow get the feeling she would not have appreciated it.

As a group all FDATs were invited to a house party at Dr Barton’s house where we were able to give out candies to all the trick or treaters stopping by. It was so much fun to see that almost everyone had found a costume of some sort. The evening was so much fun.


Guess who’s who?!


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